PTC Taster (TAS2R38)

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July 5, 2016

PTC Taste Bud Diagram.
PTC Taste Bud Diagram.

Our group really enjoyed learning about the PTC Taster/Nontaster that took place over multiple lab sessions. This is an excellent experiment to follow in order to gain a better understanding and prepare for using restriction enzymes to genotype SNPs.

The diagram below shows the Tas2R38 gene. Underlined are 3 SNPs that are associated with the taster allele. The blue shows the bases associated with the non-taster allele. The green and red represent the primers used by Wellesley College. (Our primers are a bit different to create greater differences between the bands.)


Fnu4H1 Restriction Site
N can be any of the 4 bases

Sequence of the Taster allele of the PTC gene.
















Here are the phenotypes we observed for the class:

Taylor – light bitterness

Carson – bitter

Regina – bitter

Anna – no taste

Mike – no taste

Cesar – no taste?


Take a further look and check out the NCBI gene info here. Then browse their database to see if you can find the multiple SNPs in the TAS2R38 gene!