Gel Electrophoresis

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Gel Electrophoresis of Sunday’s PCR Product (Tues 02.28.17)

Today we ran two gels to see what we got from Sunday’s PCR. Because we had limited time Emily Chen and I can two gels. Our sample names are based on the PCR tubes.

Made 1.5% Agarose gels (3g agarose in 200ml 1x TAE)

Add SYBRsafe to gels.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
A     x x x x x x x      
C     x x x x x x x x x  


I (Regina 🙂 ran a small gel with A3-A9. Emily Chen ran the larger gel with C3-C11.

We used a NEB Ready-load 100bp ladder and a Qiagen sample loading buffer. Thank-you to Riti for making the gel sheets to help with recording. (Being an idiot I forgot to log my run time. It was ~30min.)


I was able to get faint smearing bands for A3-A9. The different between these samples was the annealing temperatures. The wells for this gel were very large for a small gel. I think this might be why the bands are not very crisp; however the ladder turned out great.

Emily’s gel (C3-C11) contained no bands except for the ladder (no picture). Thus primer set 3 might be the problem.

A3-A9 RW (02.28.2017)